Frequently Asked Questions

Q. how do I hide LongPlayer in Windows?
A. just click on the tasktray icon.

Q. it isn't very pleasing to look at.
A. Well, that's not what it was designed for. Maybe in the future, I will transform it into a nice WinAmp or XMMS plugin. I know there are other programs that look better, but I don't think that they offer the kind of functionality I want. But if they do, let me know!

Q. it crashes!
A. LongPlayer still remains in heavy development... It would help me alot if you could recreate the problem and send me a complete description of how you made it crash (perhaps along with some debugging information?).

Q. LongPlayer is playing a song I heard 20 minutes ago!
A. Impossible! that can't be! Go wash your mouth! Anyway, if it does, please verify that your music player's random play is disabled, as well as the repeat function.