"The ultimate in randomization"
(Winamp staff)

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I'm sorry to say that LongPlayer development has stopped. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in taking over the project..

For Mac users: QueueLong has been added to PlayLong, so you can queue music to the LongPlayer playlist without interrupting the current song. See the Links section.

I'm getting reports that the BerkelyDB engine doesn't seem to be as reliable as advertized. Be sure to backup or export your song database once in a while; it would be a shame if you'd lose all your song ratings.

The 1.01 Windows binary was the wrong one, the correct version was released today.

Just when you think you've ironed out all the bugs, people come and tell you that your program crashes instantly! Well, that has been fixed in 1.01. Sigh..

LongPlayer 1.0 has been released. Changes include a switch to the BerkeleyDB database engine. Although the upgrade process should go smoothy, be sure to backup your database first.

Finally, a new release! Version 1.0_beta features a much more reliable queuing system, fixes some glaring bugs and improves Mac OS X stability. Should've released this one much earlier..
Accuracy has its downside too though: the more constraints you set, the harder LongPlayer has to work.
Mac OS X users may also want to check out the little PlayLong utility that can be found in the Links section.